Former Wits SRC president Shaeera Kalla shot 13 times in protests

Former Wits SRC president Shaeera Kalla shot 13 times in protests

JOHANNESBURG – Students from the University of Witwatersrand were shot at and injured during skirmishes with the police during a march on campus on Thursday morning.

The Wits SRC said students were singing peacefully on campus when police fired rubber bullets and teargas at them.

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Students say former SRC president Shaeera Kalla was shot at least nine times even though she held her hands up.

University spokesperson Shirona Patel confirmed the shooting and said Kalla was taken to hospital.

“Reports from campus security is that a student leader was shot nine times by police, Wits security and campus control do not have guns or rubber bullets,” Patel said.

“Several students were treated at the campus health and wellness centre while one with a dislocated leg was taken to hospital.”

According to Patel protesting students had disrupted a lecture and tore up test papers on the west campus when police reacted by dispersing them.

Earlier, the university said a case of arson was being investigated by the police after a section of a library was set alight, damaging at least 100 books. The arson attack happened on Wednesday night.

Hundreds of Wits students were seen leaving the campus. They marched through Braamfontein, but it was not clear where they were headed.
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